Earth Day at Italian Village Park

Amici, Italian Village Park is once more an official Earth Day Columbus WORKSITE, so grab some friends, get signed up, and get ready to be a part of EARTH DAY COLUMBUS 2016.
Volunteers are needed at (y)our PARK on Saturday, April 16th between 9:00AM and 1:00PM to help weed and edge garden beds, mulch, trim branches, pick up litter, and much more. We could really use your help.
To participate you must first register as a volunteer.

1. Register as a volunteer on – If you have already registered as a volunteer, please log-in.

2. Search for Italian Village Park by pressing FIND A SERVICE SITE button, or go to this web addressEarth day Sign up

3. Once at the Italian Village Park page scroll down and register by pressing the Box that reads SATURDAY, APRIL 16th

4. If needed, log-in using your credentials established when you registered as a volunteer (step 1 above) to edit your service site sign-ups.

BRANCH OUT and spread the word, get ready to be part of EARTHDAY 2016, see you there!!!

Grazie Tanto!