Complete Streets Meeting

Thursday April 28 is the Complete Streets Meeting

Meeting starts at 5:30 pm at Seventh Son, 1101 N. Fourth Street, in the backroom.

Agenda includes (1)  the Pearl & Eden Alley Improvements plan, (2) sidewalk and curb survey, (3) the parking permit expansion moratorium, (4) sandstone curb advocacy plan, and updates on (5) undesignating Summit and Fourth as Route 23, and (6) UIRF coordination with Weinland Park and Milo-Grogan.

Minutes from the March meeting are reproduced below.  Please join us, meetings last an hour.

Andrew Klein, Chair
Italian Village Society Complete Streets Implementing Committee


Italian Village Society Complete Streets Implementing Committee

Thurs, March 31, 2016, 5:30pm, Seventh Son, 1101 N. Fourth St.


Present: Andy Klein (Chair), Sherrill Massey, Isom Nivins, Ben Shoemaker, Rory Krupp,

Sarah Marsom, Stephanie Harris, Christopher Vidoni,


Andy called the Streets Committee to order at 5:32 pm in the backroom at the brewery. Attendees were asked to introduce themselves and say what agenda items they wished to discuss. Andy distributed the program from Tad Jeffrey’s memorial service last month and a history of the Jeffrey Company he delivered at the State Library in 2002.

Prescott Street Conversion/Pedestrianization

Andy reported that he met with city traffic engineers, Betsy Pandora and Jeff Baur of the Borror Companies on March 9 to discuss changing the use of Prescott.. The group concurred in making Prescott one way westbound from Kerr to Pearl, and closing Prescott to vehicular traffic at High using plastic bollards at the curb line as a temporary measure, in advance of permanent enhancements, potentially through the UIRF. A plan to make Kerr one way northbound from the unnamed alley south of Prescott was subsequently deferred due to access and exit concerns expressed by Blackwood Sheet Metal. Betsy Pandora agreed to contact Roche Bobois about the plan. The bollards are expected to be installed in a week or so.

Sidewalk and Curb Survey and Sandstone Curbs Update

Andy distributed a sample excel spreadsheet for the survey provided by Sarah from German Village Society, and expressed his appreciation for her proactive help. Ben agreed to help organize the survey in conjunction with Christopher using historic preservation office maps of IV to designate the blocks with unique numbers. Sarah suggested having all volunteers meet to survey one block to assure consistent treatment. Andy reported that the city has used up its reserve of sandstone and is experimenting with faux sandstone. Sarah reported that the sandstone had passed the lab stesting and will now get reviewed by the New Materials Committee, and stated we need an advocate that sandstone should be available at no additional cost to homeowners. She reported that GV has started meeting with city council and urged us to do so as well. Rory agreed to get the UAC to endorse using sandstone, and Andy agreed to bring the city council visit proposal to the IVS general meeting.

UIRF Reconsideration

Isom reported that he met with Robert Barksdale, Chair of the Milo Grogan Area Commission, and he believes we should reach out directly to Mr. Barksdale about coordinating improvements to Second Avenue. Isom reported that they are primarily focused on housing stock. Sherrill noted the endangered historic Columbus Railway Power & Light building at 838 Cleveland. Isom also checked with Mark Dravillas and it appears the Milo Grogan UIRF plan has passed the city’s reviews. Andy agreed to contact Mr. Barksdale to discuss collaboration on Second Avenue..

Rory reported that he was checking whether the street lights along Fifth Avenue cover both sides of the street. He reported that University has some leeway with unallocated funds due to deferring High Street emprovements to the SNA’s plan. Sarah reported GV also has some unallocated funds due to street repairs funded elsewhere.

Andy reported that he had email exchanges with Mark Wagenbrenner about the traffic study at 1st Avenue and Summit and Fourth Streets. He distributed a summary of the study which recommends left turn lanes at Summit and E. First Avenues, but no additional traffic lights. Andy reported that Mark asked to attend next month’s meeting of the Streets committee following a meeting with the city. Andy also distributed the Council approved SID plan for our neighborhood showing the scope of services to be provided.

Undesignating US 23 on Summit and N. Fourth

Andy reported that Kevin McCain (Michael Stinziano’s aide) provided Rep. Beatty’s legislative aide’s contact information. Donnica Hawes-Saunders who spoke with Andy, and subsequently contacted FhwA and the American Assn of State Highway and transportation Officials (AASHTO) which has jurisdiction over designating US routes. Andy will contact the person recommended by Donnica at AASHTO to discuss next steps.

Complete Streets Purpose Statement

We discussed the draft statement which appears on the IVS website, we incorporated Christopher’s proposal to include promoting the city’s Blueprint Columbus for stormwater management into the purpose statement.

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting of the Streets Committee is Thursday, April 28, 2016, 5:30pm, Seventh Son Brewery, 1101 N. Fourth (SW Corner of Fourth and Fourth). The committee will continue to meet the last Thursday of the month thereafter through September with a final meeting of the year on December 1, all at Seventh Son in the backroom.

The meeting adjourned at 6:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Andy Klein, (03/31/16)