Complete Streets Meeting this week

Folks: Please join us for the Italian Village Society Complete Streets Meeting on Thursday (tomorrow, 7/28).  We meet for an hour starting at 5:30pm, at Seventh Son Brewery, 1101 N. Fourth St. (4th and Fourth) in the back room.

Attached below is an update on our UIRF request, we will also outline next steps for UIRF, the problem of the I-670 exit ramp onto N. Fourth Street, our planned sidewalk survey and an Eden Alley improvements update.  Minutes from the June meeting follow the city’s latest information on our UIRF alley improvement requests.

Andrew Klein, Chair

IVS Streets Committee
From: Lohr, Christopher R.
Subject: Italian Village – UIRF Projects

Good afternoon Andy,

  • Prescott Sidewalks– This is slated to be resurfaced this year and closed off to through traffic using flexible bollards by the Division of Traffic Management. Since it will be closed off and pedestrianized UIRF would not be used for sidewalks. UIRF staff have determined that there are not any UIRF eligible improvements that can be made in this location.   We recommend that Public Service be consulted on what improvements might be allowed within the right of way, if any, and perhaps pursue funding for supportable improvements from outside sources.
  • Hull and Brickel Alleys– Public Service staff looked at two alternatives: Closure and sidewalks. Staff deemed closure to not be feasible due to loading requirements for the building tenants. Adding sidewalks was also not feasible due to the limited right-of-way in each alley. Additionally, Public Service as a general rule, does not add sidewalks to alleys.
  • Kerr Street– Addition of a sidewalk on the west side for the portion north of Hubbard to the alley is programmed.
  • Hamlet Street– The west side of Hamlet would have a sidewalk installed between 4thand Greenwood as discussed.
  • 5thAvenue Decorative Lighting– Public Utilities has indicated that the cost to add decorative lighting for this stretch would be approximately $141,000, with half of that cost ($70,500) being assigned to Italian Village. Let us know if you are willing to commit this URIF funding to match what the University District has funded for the  north edge.
  • 2ndAvenue Improvements extended from Milo into Italian Village– Staff is beginning to determine the potential scope of improvements for Second Avenue in Milo Grogan.  We will follow up with IVS on the recommendation, in particular if there is any aspect that could be extended into Italian Village and for which there are available UIRF funds.